Benjamin Wylie

Benjamin Wylie

Technically Speaking...

Hello valued readers. My name is Benjamin Wylie and I am head of the Technical Team at I is for Investigate.

​I met Eoghan at the University of Edinburgh where he saved my life. I was a student studying computer science and thought I knew it all. The unit I sat down at in the library was not working and I decided to see what I could do to fix it. I unplugged it, discharged the energy - or so I thought - and was about to unscrew a panel when Eoghan shouted at me not to touch it. I turned to look at him, surprised by the outburst and said, "I know what I'm doing lad; it's not going to bite me." By the time I'd said this he was at my shoulder and pulling me away from it with surprising force. He said, "Please. I see sparks and you twitching and being flung back. Don't touch it. Please." I can still hear his voice. I was scared enough by his sincerity to listen to him and instead of proceeding, I stuck a note to the screen and reported the problem immediately.

​I'm glad I'm still here to tell the tale. The computer was removed and used for parts. My teacher 'praised' me for reporting it and not trying to fix it myself, saying there was a large amount of stored energy due to the combination of the on/off button having a loose wire and a fault with the power supply it was hooked to which had just been upgraded. I stopped myself short when I started to respond that another students 'vision' had saved me and I was actually a dafty!

​But privately, I praised my new-found friend. I took him out on a skite and entertained him with ghost stories of Cawdor Castle. None of them, to be fair, were as scary as Eoghan himself. But really he's a braw gent and I'm pleased to be working with him.