Case Updates

6 June 2023 - Truelove Fire (case ref. EB0153)
Due to extraordinary circumstances surrounding the death of local author Phillip Truelove, the Department of Para-Scientific Research has been asked to take over the investigation, as a result of a meeting with the Fire Investigation Team and representatives from the Police Commissioner’s office. Th…

Mystery Man Located

    06/05/2023 - The man picked up the CCTV camera near the home of authA suspect in the case of arson at the home of murdered novelist Phillip Truelove has been located. Brett Laurence was picked up by CCTV cameras in the area on the night of the fire and our initial questioning of the suspect has uncovered evidence that he was on the site at the time of the author's death, but did not comit this crime.

    Unfortunately, Mr Laurence is not considered mentally fit to be questioned at this time and charges of arsony will not be laid. Mr Laurence's only statements thus far have been questionable and influenced to some level by drug use and a severe mental impairment which apparently only manifested itself in the days since the fire.

​     We wish to locate the building - if it is still standing - from the postcard (pictured right) discovered in the house of Brett Laurence. We are also looking for leads to deciphering the strange text on the photo. If anyone reading this has any information, a reward of £200 is being offered.

​     The lead we thought we had has not borne fruit. Staff investigator Jennifer Morgan, who saw and photographed the church two years ago, has an unexplainable memory block. While she remembers seeing the building and taking the photo, even our attempts to question her under hypnosis have brought no further information to light.

    Attempts to contact the next of kin of Brett Lawrence have proved unsuccessful. With no one to take control of his affairs, he is being taken to Ipswich Hospital to be cared for at the Psychiatric Intensive Care Ward until he is considered fit for dismissal.

    07/05/2023 - A few staff members have pointed out that our current case has links to an older unsolved case which was tucked away in our files from before we became an independent entity.

    Strange lights and sounds from a church in Suffolk scared the inhabitants of a small town. When three teenagers went missing over a course of five months, rightly or wrongly, the townsfolk blamed the strange practitioners at the so-called 'Church of Starry Wisdom' and demanded that the police investigate.

    A reporter at the time gave his story the headline: 'Are We Being Visited by Shamblers From The Stars?'  In his article he stated that he had personally witnessed the noises coming from the church and seen strange, ghostly shapes floating around the building and rising up into the sky.

​     The strange symbols on a postcard found in the church match the ones on the postcard from Norwich. The text has never been deciphered. If anyone has seen this sort of text before, please contact us.

Tracey Shaw - Missing

    09/05/2023 -  The police have informed us that they have been contacted by the family of Creative Writing teacher, Tracey Shaw, to report her as missing.

    As a favour to the family, I would request that all investigators keep their ears to the ground. She was last seen on Tuesday evening near the corner of Alden Road and Webster Street. She was heading east going by the evidence of CCTV cameras in the area.  Hopefully she will be located soon.