Meet the Team

Eoghan Blakewell
“The Boss” Hello. My name is Eoghan (pronounced “Owen”) Blakewell. Let me start by saying I’m not great at this sort of ‘admin’ duty, but my newest colleague, Jennifer, said that I had to write a bio if everyone else was expected to do it. I see her point. I
Jennifer Morgan
One in every town... My name is Jennifer Morgan. When I was a kid, I was always fascinated by an old, abandoned house in town. Well, when I say ‘town’, it was the city I was born in actually. But this place - it didn’t belong. Houses had been torn
Benjamin Wylie
Technically Speaking... Hello valued readers. My name is Benjamin Wylie and I am head of the Technical Team at I is for Investigate. I met Eoghan at the University of Edinburgh where he saved my life. I was a student studying computer science and thought I knew it all. The
Anton Teodorescu
Will I Need My Wellies? My name is Anton Tiodorescu - Tony to my friends. I have been working with Eoghan for five years. I am usually sent out into farm fields on rainy days or asked to search river banks or dig up beaches. At least that’s how it
Sylvia Grant
If You Leave, Can I Come Too? Hello! My name is Sylvia Grant and I work for ‘I Is For Investigate’ as Researcher and Archivist. I met Eoghan Blakewell when I was hired by the Research Centre at the Department of Para-Scientific Research. I was only twenty-three at the time,
Tristan Elliott
A Goth Weekend to Remember Hi! I’m Tristan Elliott. I’ve been asked to write a bit about how I came to be a member of the IifI team. Sorry to bore you, but here goes! It was 2017 and, as usual, I was at the Whitby Goth Weekend.
Where Eoghan digs up his team members lol!