New Case

This one sounds interesting...

Hi, all,

I'm on the train back to Norwich after a meeting with James at Radar House. He's asking us to look into something for them as "feet on the ground."

I'm still working through things in my mind.

The basics are, it's a house fire in Norwich. A body was found - a middle-aged man - and that looks straightforward enough.

But not quite. Emergency service reports suggest that the circumstances of the decease were "unusual" - unusual enough for it to be reported to the DPSR. James wants us to start looking into it; apparently the local press is going to be all over it because the deceased was a well-known figure in the area - Philip Truelove, a local author (for the benefit of anyone who hasn't heard of him). The DPSR has already issued a statement which will be the "official" version of events, but we'll need to be watchful in case anyone who attended the scene tells a different story.

James is going to ping me when the pathology report is available - I'm hoping we'll have that today but I'm not holding my breath. Tony, Jennifer, Ben - apologies for starting it at this time, but can I ask if we could have a Teams meeting at 5pm? I'll send a Calendar invite to get it in your diaries. I'd do it now but the train's sardines, and I don't particularly want to be overheard.

Speak later.