Eoghan Blakewell

Eoghan Blakewell

"The Boss"

Hello. My name is Eoghan (pronounced "Owen") Blakewell.

​Let me start by saying I'm not great at this sort of 'admin' duty, but my newest colleague, Jennifer, said that I had to write a bio if everyone else was expected to do it. I see her point.

I started 'I is For Investigate' as a way to be my own boss. Previously I had been on a contract with a special law enforcement department who hired me because of.... This bit isn't easy. Let me start from the beginning.

​​What happened was this: I had a vision of death. I felt danger close by and I wanted to run. At the time, I was a nine year-old attending a church service with my parents. I was terrified. My parents were trying not to let their emotions show, but they were shocked by my behaviour. I remember my father telling me quietly, through gritted teeth, to sit still and behave. The 'or else' was silent. But the feeling of 'unease' was growing stronger and I got up from my seat and ran out of the building amidst a low mumble of disapproving voices.​

​As I exited the church and ran down the path towards the car, I heard screams and the sounds of something falling. I turned back and saw people running out of the building.... You get the picture.

​​ Given the circumstances, and the number of people in the church, it was a miracle that, for the large part, the worst injury anyone sustained was cuts and bruises from falling masonry and rubble. My parents escaped completely unscathed. However, the vicar was killed instantly. A stone boss detached itself from the ceiling near the pulpit and crashed towards the floor - it was almost as if the selected bit of the heavily carved ceiling had come down just to get the one person. Alright, so I had an overactive imagination. Perhaps.

​ My other 'abilities' became clear as I grew older. I think my parents were a bit afraid of me after that day at church. Hey, I was afraid of me. But I learned how to control the images and 'shut down' with help from a psychologist... and my grandmother.

​ I don't really want to get into the details. It was odd growing up and being different but trying to hide it. I didn't have many friends, but they were 'true' friends. Some of them are now working with me.

​ Fast forward and I leave home to study parapsychology at the University of Edinburgh. A radio interview I was involved in prompted a representitive from a certain government department to seek me out. After fourteen months of scientifically measuring my talents, it was suggested I might be helpful in one of their areas of investigation.

​ My work with them eventually led to the formation of this investigative service in late 2016.